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Brisket Breakdown: The Difference Between Point and Flat Cuts

By Breanna Stark of @marriedtobbq Brisket is the ultimate barbecue meat. Whether you’ve been smoking meat for years or you just bought your first s...
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How To Store Your Pellets for Your Pellet Grill

By Breanna Stark of @marriedtobbq Whether you’ve been smoking meat for years or you just got your first pellet grill, we’ve all got one thing in c...
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How to Clean Your Pellet Grill

By Breanna Stark of @marriedtobbq A clean grill is a happy grill, and that means it’s important to clean your pellet grill regularly. Whether you’...
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How to Season your Pellet Grill

You just bought a pellet grill and you’re ready to start cooking! But, first things first. Season your grill before to ensure every meal is marked ...
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5 Essential Tips for New Pellet Grillers

By Breanna Stark of @marriedtobbq Whether you’re converting to the pellet life from your old stick burner, or you’re new to barbecue all together, ...
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Bear Mountain BBQ Introduces New Collection of Smoking Pellets, Available Exclusively at Walmart

We’re super excited to announce a new collection of grilling and smoking pellets are now available exclusively at Walmart. Using the same 100% prem...
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Smoke Ems: a Camping Essential

 Labor Day is right around the corner! Make sure Smoke ‘Ems are on your camping and on-the-go adventure checklist!

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Introducing our Newest Bear Mountain Ambassador, Former NFL Player Mark McMillian

“I’m honored to be a part of the Bear Mountain BBQ team. I love Bear Mountain’s variety of products and the ethos of the amazing company.”

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Bear Mountain BBQ Launches New Collection of Wood Chips and Chunks

These two new products expand Bear Mountain’s portfolio, making the company a one-stop shop for premium wood smoke flavor.


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Holiday Gifts for the Griller in Your Life

Delight the BBQ Enthusiast on your holiday list with smoked wood flavor from Bear Mountain BBQ!
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