No Pellet Grill? No Problem! Use BBQ Wood Pellets on Any Grill

If you don’t have a wood pellet grill, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the smoky flavor infusion of cooking with wood pellets.
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SMOKE - The Secret Seasoning

Are you ready to add a secret weapon to your flavor arsenal?
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100% Flavor Wood VS. Blends

BBQ pellets are 100% natural hardwood, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the pellets are 100% of the type of wood listed on the bag. Different types of wood have different densities, burn at different rates, and produce different amounts of heat and smoke. The addition of oak allows every flavor to burn at a similar rate and with a similar heat output, providing consistency from cook to cook.
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BBQ’rs Guide to Flavored Wood and BBQ Pellets

Become an expert in the nuances of BBQ pellet wood flavors.  This blog will guide you through the world of BBQ wood and have you dropping BBQ knowledge in no time.
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What are the Best Smoking Pellet Flavors?

When people talk about pellet flavors, they're referring to the type of wood used to make the pellets. Each variety has its own unique taste and can be paired with specific foods to highlight and complement their natural flavors.
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Pellet Grill Problems? Look to the Pellets.

Whenever pellet grill owners complain about temperature swings or losing their fire mid-cook, the first question we ask is “What pellets are you using?” Many times it’s a cheap, low-quality brand.
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Wood Pellet Misconceptions

There are many different types of wood pellets on the market right now and this inevitably leads to confusion and misconception
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Bear Mountain BBQ Announces New Gourmet Blend

Fall is the perfect time to fire up your grill and get a new wood pellet flavor flowing. 
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From Scratch - The Making of a Bear Mountain BBQ Pellet

At Bear Mountain BBQ, we own our wood pellet plants throughout the United States.  Unlike other wood pellet grill manufacturers and pellet brands ...
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