Frequently asked questions

Yes, although some grill manufacturers recommend using only their branded pellets, our BBQ pellets are compatible with all pellet grill brands and models.

Traeger® is a registered trademark of Traeger Pellet Grills, LLC

Mother Nature. Our Bear Mountain BBQ Wood flavors are created from 100% all-natural hardwood. 

Our 100% sustainable BBQ wood pellets are made from pressed sawdust that's locally sourced by our pellet mills across the United States.  We hand select only the highest quality hardwoods to naturally produce a range of BBQ grilling and smoking woods that exceed industry standards.

Yes, we use either Alder or Oak as a base wood depending on the region of the country where the specific wood species are native.   These base woods create a more consistent burn and smoking experience.

Yes, Oak and Alder BBQ pellets are 100% single species.

We estimate a burn rate of approx 1lb/hour on a low or smoke setting, and up to 3lb/hour on a high setting.

The burn rate of Bear Mountain BBQ pellets is dependent on the make and model of your grill.  Please reference your grill owners manual for more specific information.   

No. You should never use heating pellets to cook food since they may contain softwood.  Softwoods contain resins that produce a harsh tasting soot when burned, so they’re sure to leave a bad taste in your mouth!

Yes, we encourage you to recycle.  Check with your local recycler to see if #4 plastics can be picked up curbside.   If not, most grocery stores accept #4 plastic bags for recycling. Learn More Here

Yes,  Bear Mountain BBQ Smoke 'Ems™ are the perfect solution for adding smoke flavor on your gas, charcoal and electric grills.

Like everything in nature, product color is a result of a wide variety of factors ranging from seasonal temperatures during a tree’s growth cycle, to location and type of wood used in production. Even the same types of wood can have different varieties that vary in color (did you know there are over 600 species of oak?). Also - while infrequent - we occasionally change the exact mix of wood types based on availability to provide the consistent flavor and cooking performance you expect. Rest assured, our BBQ pellets are ALWAYS made with 100% hardwood and industry-leading quality standards, to create deliciously consistent BBQ, time and time again. To learn more about why quality standards are so important, read this article on our blog

Both companies make great pellets.  Bear Mountain BBQ pellets are made in certified pellet manufacturing facilities and pellets are tested by 3rd party labs to ensure quality.   We've been making BBQ pellets for almost 30 years to provide the best flavor, quality and value to the consumer.

Traeger® is a registered trademark of Traeger Pellet Grills, LLC

Yes.  Bear Mountain BBQ pellets do not contain any wheat gluten. 

Smoke 'Ems FAQ's

If you are cooking hot and fast, the white smoke produced by Smoke 'Ems™ is a great way to get real wood smoke flavor on the food in a hurry on a gas, charcoal or electric grill, vs. a conventional smoker or pellet grill.  Pellets work best because they produce more smoke in a short burst and are perfect for bugers, steak, chicken and fish.   

Place the Smoke 'Ems packet over a burner on your gas grill set to med-high, over the coals of your charcoal grill, or on the hot grill grates of an electric grill.   When the packet starts to smoke, add your food to the grill and close the lid.  Smoke 'Ems will provide up to 45 mins of real wood smoke.

Use the high heat setting under the Smoke 'Em until it starts smoking, then adjust the temperature down as necessary to manage your grill temp and smoke prodcution.   You can either move the the Smoke 'Em off the heat or turn the heat down if it starts to burn.   

Grill temps will vary by brand and BTU output, so paying attention to smoke output and grill temperature are the recipe for a successful Smoke 'Ems cook.

Wood pellets.  Smoke 'Ems use 100% hardwood pellets to create smoke.

Smoke 'Ems™ are available in the Bear Mountain BBQ Craft Blend flavors.

Both the Smoke 'Ems™  packaging and foil packet are completely recycleable.  After use when the packet has cooled, the Smoke 'Ems foil packet can be opened, pellets emptied and the foil recycled.  

A Smoke 'Em™ packet will produce up to 45 minutes of smoke.

If you already have a pellet grill, you should use standard Bear Mountain BBQ pellets for your fuel.  Smoke 'Ems are intended for use on gas, charcoal and electric grills.

The Smoke 'Ems™ packet should be placed over the heat source while your grill is preheating.   It should take approx 5-10 minutes to start producing smoke.   When the smoke starts, it's time to put on your food.