Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Bear Mountain BBQ Pellets in my Traeger® grill?

What is used to flavor the wood?

Where does the wood come from?

Do you use any base woods in your pellets?

Are any of the Bear Mountain BBQ pellets 100% of a single wood species?

How fast do pellets burn in a pellet grill?

Can I use heating pellets in a pellet BBQ?

Can I recycle my used Bear Mountain BBQ bags?

Can I use Bear Mountain BBQ pellets in a gas, charcoal or electric grill?

Why is the color of my pellets different between two bags of the same flavor?

What's the difference I can expect between Bear Mountain pellets vs Traeger® pellets?

Are Bear Mountain BBQ pellets gluten free?

Are Bear Mountain BBQ pellets tree nut free?

Why is there hardened ash in my burnpot after using Apple pellets?