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Meet Bear Mountain Ambassador Chris Apple of White Bulls BBQ

“I’ve had issues with other pellets but not with Bear Mountain. These pellets have never let me down. Gave them a try and never looked back.”
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Meat Bear Mountain Ambassador Brandyn Baker

"Bear Mountain pellets add good flavor, help make consistent cooks, and the pellets don’t seem to provide much dust at the end. I don’t have to use my shop-vac to clean out the grill.” 


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Meet Bear Mountain Ambassador Joe DiApice of BBQFriend

“I think these are the best pellets on the market. They burn cleaner and longer. I don’t go through as many of them, and I don’t need to clean my grill as much."
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BBQ and Eating Healthy in 2022

“It’s possible to still be healthy and enjoy BBQ,” Jordan says. “Everyone thinks I only eat meat, but that’s just what I put on my page. I also eat salads, healthy sides, I try to use sauces that aren’t as loaded in sugar and carb-heavy.”

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Meet Bear Mountain Ambassador Justin Goodman with @ElectricMice

“I love the diversity in profile flavors Bear Mountain has. And you can actually see, smell, and taste a difference in them,” he says. “Pour different flavors side by side and you can see the difference.” 

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Bear Mountain Ambassadors Turn Up the Flavor Dial with Quality Rubs

At Bear Mountain BBQ, we’re known for the premium quality, gourmet BBQ pellets that infuse unrivaled flavors into your food. We know big flavors and understand what it takes to develop the perfect blend of seasonings to elevate your BBQ game. We are honored to introduce this curated trio of rubs masterfully crafted by talented members of our Bear Mountain BBQ family.
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Master Your Tailgating BBQ Game

Football season is here, and for many, tailgating is a main event. Whether you’re enjoying your game day snacks at home or in a parking lot, one th...
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Meet Bear Mountain Ambassador Jon Kiluk of @CrazyGringoBBQ

“When I first got my hands on Bear Mountain pellets, I immediately noticed the difference. The amount of smoke and the flavor that comes out is just something you don’t see in all the other brands.”

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Meet Bear Mountain Ambassador Cheree of EatWithMe_XYZ

“I’ve used other pellet brands, and anytime I open a bag, my biggest pet peeve is I practically need to put a mask on because of the dust. Bear Mountain is very low dust, and little ash is found in the burn pot.”
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That’s a Wrap! Dave Williamson Finishes His America, Meat Dave Comedy X BBQ Tour

“When Dave came to us with this idea, we were so excited to be a part of it,” says Bear Mountain Product Manager Ben Madden. “There’s no better way to share and spread the love of BBQ than over a few beers and some laughs.”

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