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Wood Fired Flavor

Founded On Flavor

We believe that BBQ should taste delicious!

Rooted in the Pacific Northwest since 1990, we’ve spent the past 30 years crafting premium quality wood pellets for those that are passionate about BBQ.  But at Bear Mountain, we don’t just care deeply about the way our grilled food tastes; we also care a whole lot about the earth.  That’s how we decided to bring these two passions together.

We wanted to add rich, smoky flavor to food without using anything artificial.  So naturally (pun intended), we turned to wood pellets. We know wood smoke adds a depth of flavor you can’t get any other way — and is every grill master’s secret weapon.  So, we experimented.  After combining lots of different choice hardwoods, we learned a thing or two and have crafted delicious flavors with the perfect wood blends.

Now, we’ve got a full range of grilling and smoking pellets that pair perfectly with a whole lot of incredible foods and boost flavor to crowd-pleasing levels.  Hickory that adds richness to steaks. Apple to bring out the sweetness in pork.  Cherry for taking chicken beyond delicious.  Alder for the perfect salmon. All using no fillers, no additives, zero binders  — just pure, all-hardwood for mouthwatering flavor. 

So now that you know our story, we invite you to try our BBQ pellets the next time you fire up your grill. We’re pretty sure you’ll experience an authentic BBQ taste you could never imagine (or find using anything else).  And get ready... friends and family will start to gather and good times will arise, guaranteed.

Your fellow BBQ lovers at Bear Mountain BBQ

Our Pellets

Nature is our guide, and our mentor. 

If you’re looking to add a rich, smoky flavor to your food without using anything artificial, our wood pellets will be your secret weapon.  After combining lots of different choice hardwoods, we've crafted optimal flavors out of the right blends.  We don’t use any fillers, binders, or bark, so our premium all-natural wood pellets deliver a perfect, clean smoke - every time.  We’ve also refined the pellet-making process, creating the perfect pellet structure with only 5% moisture.  This means that our pellets grant the perfect burn, infusing mouth-watering flavor with little ash to clean up.  

Our Commitment to Sustainability

As wood pellet industry pioneers, we’ve always been driven to put the environment first.  Our 100% sustainable BBQ wood pellets are made from pressed sawdust that's sourced locally across the United States.  We hand select the best, most flavorful hardwoods to naturally produce a range of BBQ grilling and smoking woods that exceed industry standards.  

So next time you kick back with a beer and delicious plate of BBQ, lets toast mother nature for bestowing us with all we need to smoke to perfection.

Our History

Established in the Pacific Northwest in 1990, our wood pellet roots run deep and wide. 

Owned and operated by the largest residential wood fuel pellet manufacturer in the country, we know a thing or two about creating balanced, sustaining heat.  Combine this knowledge with choice hardwoods and the culinarian desire for mouth-watering barbecue… and there you have it, deep, rich flavor like you’ve never experienced before; all from masters of the craft. 

By maintaining the highest standards in quality, sustainability and service, our customers have come to rely on us for a taste worth coming back for.


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