Pork Tenderloin Cordon Bleu

A smoky twist on a French classic.  This recipe will take your pork tenderloin to a new level of delicious.

Blueberry Bourbon Glazed Ribs

Ribs are the favorite at every backyard BBQ.  Level up your ribs with this delicious BBQ sauce that strikes the perfe...

Smoked Chicken Cheesesteak

This sandwich is a great way to give that leftover smoked chicken a second act.   Smothered with sauteed spinach, mus...

Smoked Corned Beef and Brown Butter Cabbage

There's no need to wait until St Patricks Day to enjoy a delicious corned beef and cabbage.  This meal will make your...

Maddog's Blue Ribbon Shrimp Salsa

Try this delicious and refreshing side dish with your favorite BBQ meal and serve up a proven winner at your next gat...

BBQ Chicken Pizza

Make this delicious California classic in your own backyard.   This flavorful pie is sure to go fast at your next piz...

Fired Up Key Lime Pie

A hint of smoke and spice takes this Key Lime Pie to another level of delicious.  Add some tequila whipped cream and ...

Smoked Ice Old Fashioned

If you haven't smoked your ice yet, you haven't lived.   Give this a shot with your next Old Fashioned and you'll nev...

Donut Bread Pudding w/ Sweet Bourbon Butter Sauce

A sweet and smoky twist to this traditional comfort food dessert.   Bread pudding never tasted so delicious!

Smoked Green Beans

Fear your greens no longer! These smoky green beans go right alongside your smoked meats and make a favorite dish ext...

Gochujang Smoked Ribs

This is one of our favorite spicy backyard BBQ treats - Gochujang Ribs smoked with Bear Mountain BBQ pellets. A sweet...

Best Damn Potato Salad

If you mess with a staple, it has to be good. Damn good. Prep time: 15 minCook time: 1 hr Ingredients: 2lbs small r...
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