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When seasoning food for the grill, it's important to use seasonings that hold up well to the heat environment your foods about to call home. Understanding how your seasoning impacts the food during the cook and the flavors that are created is equally important.

Smoke is the secret seasoning that's only used by a small segment of the grilling population, but has a huge impact on the flavor of your food, from meat and fish, veggies and cheese. Adding a small packet of Bear Mountain BBQ wood pellets or wood chips can create enough smoke to take your grill game up a notch. To get a great smoke flavor on your meats and veggies, it's important to salt your food and let it rest prior to grilling. This brings the moisture to the surface and gives the smoke something to stick to, creating a smoky flavored food in a short time. After you've added delicious smoke flavor to your food, sear it off over higher heat to lock in the flavor and initiate the Maillard reaction (the science).

It's a super simple way to elevate the flavor of any meal. Give it shot for your next BBQ.