We're now in Walmart, both in-store and on Walmart.com!

We’re super excited to announce a new collection of grilling and smoking pellets are now available exclusively at Walmart. Using the same 100% premium, all natural hardwoods you’ve come to expect from us, the five flavors include Smoky Apple Whiskey, Maple Bourbon Pecan, Chef’s Choice (a signature blend), Butcher’s Blend and Chophouse Blend.

“We’re excited about the release of these exclusive flavors at Walmart, as we’ve curated extremely flavorful recipes including the use of real bourbon barrel staves,” says Bear Mountain BBQ’s Levi Strayer. “All we do is wood, so we take meticulous care of our raw materials and the processes that go into making the best BBQ pellets on the market. It’s this passion that allows our customers to have the best smoke flavor when their friends and family are over for dinner.”

Each of these blends add unrivaled flavor for all grilling and smoking occasions, without relying on any fillers, oils or additives. Plus, the five blends offer an impressive range in versatility that cover several different foods, cooking styles, times, levels of heat, and levels of smoke:

Specialty Blends:

Chef’s Choice: This is a signature blend, masterfully crafted to offer unrivaled flavor Hickory, Cherry, Oak and Maple hardwoods.

Butcher’s Blend: A premium blend for all meats, this smooth fruitwood brings out the finger-lickin’ sweetness of your favorite BBQ meat, rubs and sauces. The sweet smoky blend is created with a blend of natural Maple, Cherry, and Oak hardwoods.

Chophouse: Serve up traditional Southern BBQ flavors with the Chophouse blend. Offering a smoky, earthy, and rich combination of flavors ready to satisfy the mightiest of appetites. This robust blend is created with Hickory, Mesquite and Oak hardwoods.

Craft Cocktail BBQ Blends:

Smoky Apple Whiskey: An unmistakably smooth, bold bourbon barrel flavor paired with the subtle sweetness of Applewood that come together to offer the perfect blend for a smooth, sweet, yet smoky cook.

Maple Bourbon Pecan: A perfectly aged bourbon flavor complemented by the sweetness of Maple and the classic wood smoke of Pecan hardwoods result in a hearty, country-style blend that is rich in flavor, yet perfectly balanced.

When it comes to our two new Craft Cocktail BBQ Blends, you’ll be able to taste the bourbon flavor, thanks to the process we use to create the blends.

“We’ve been able to capture an authentic bourbon barrel flavor through the process of upcycling unused bourbon barrels to create a one-of-a-kind nostalgic, bourbon flavor in our craft cocktail blends,” says Strayer. “We’re really proud of the process and can’t wait to get them in the hands of our customers.”

The new collection is available in Walmart stores and online at Walmart.com. To celebrate these new blends, we will host social media contests throughout the start of 2024. Follow Bear Mountain on Instagram and Facebook to stay in the loop and win flavorful stuff!