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Pork is essential in any BBQ cookout and comes in all forms whether it's packed into a brat, a rack of ribs or pulled pork for a sandwich. Pork is very tender and succulent and is great for all cooking skill levels. Start by cooking easier cuts and work your way up to cooking the whole hog like the best BBQ pitmasters!

Whole Hog BBQ

Cut -The Whole Hog

Grilling the whole hog is not an easy task but it results in nearly 75 lb of delicious pork! Preparation takes around a day and involves making various cuts on the hog. Pairing with Oak, Cherry or Apple pellets brings out the natural sweetness of the meat. Beware, you'll need a big cooker to take on a whole hog, so plan accordingly.


Cut - Shoulder

Commonly referred to as the Butt, the shoulder is the perfect cut for low and slow BBQ. Slow smoke to an internal temperature of 204° F for perfect pulled pork. We recommend our Gourmet Blend BBQ pellets to to take it over the top.


Cut - Ribs 

Ribs are a staple for any BBQ event! The perfect ribs require the right rub, the right smoke and the right sauce. There are many methods people use to make their signature ribs, our includes our Craft Blends™ Sweet BBQ pellets and a good 5 to 6 hours of smoke. Check out your new go-to rib recipe here


Cut- Belly

Pork belly is perfect for making iconic pork belly burnt ends or slicing thin to make the perfect smoked BACON. With a high fat content to absorb flavor, our Hickory, Apple, Cherry, and Maple BBQ pellets create the perfect smoke pairing for this BBQ favorite.


Cut - Loin/Tenderloin 

The pork tenderloin, aka "The Gentleman's Cut" is the most tender cut of pork and is typically cut into pork chops or roasted whole. This cut is great for a reverse-sear, a technique where the loin is smoked then seared off over high heat. With the shorter smoke, pairing with a more robust Hickory or Pecan creates the perfect flavor. Check out our favorite way to prepare this cut here


Cut - Leg

Leg is most commonly prepared as ham and can be cured and smoked for its best flavor. This cut pairs perfectly with Apple and Maple BBQ pellets and is delicious served with a sweet maple glaze.


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