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It’s November, which means Turkey Day is just around the corner! Have you planned out your Thanksgiving Day feast yet? As with any big meal, it’s smart to plan your dishes ahead of time. And, if you’re using your grill – and Bear Mountain pellets – to prepare parts of the meal, that’s all the more reason to start prepping now.

Week Before: Make and refrigerate that delicious cranberry sauce. If you’re planning on making your own turkey or vegetable stock, this is also a good time to get that ready.

Day Before: Prepare the bread for your stuffing and get the turkey ready. If you’re tired of the traditional bird recipes, mix things up on the grill with this Spatchcocked and Smoked Turkey using our Savory or Pecan pellets. Make the desserts, including the pies. This year, try this Bourbon Spiced Pumpkin Pie with our Pecan pellets.

Day of: Casseroles can be made while the other dishes are cooking. Trade in the standard green bean casserole for these Smoked Green Beans with bacon, paired with our Oak pellets. One or two hours before dinner should be plenty of time to get your sides, like brussel sprouts and mashed potatoes, ready.

Thanksgiving is fast approaching so don’t wait any longer. Order your Bear Mountain BBQ pellets now to have them by Turkey Day!