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If you don’t have a wood pellet grill, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the smoky flavor infusion of cooking with wood pellets.

Lynn from Happier Than A Pig In Mud, a seasoned crafting/cooking/baking blogger, recently shared a healthy recipe using her propane grill and Bear Mountain BBQ wood pellets in a foil pan.

I started by heating up my grill on high with the pellets in a pan right on top of the burner plates. Then I turned off the burners with the pellets, using more indirect heat for the pellets once the grill got hot. I cooked a grill pan meal with the lid down trapping the smoke. Since I was mostly curious to taste the smoky flavor, I only used olive oil and a little Montreal Steak seasoning. With pork tenderloin, peppers, onions, and asparagus – this made one mighty fine meal.

Want to add some smoky flavor to your grill game? Here are a few ways you can use BBQ pellets without a wood pellet grill:

Wood Pellet BBQ Methods for Any GrillFor Charcoal Grilling, try the Sprinkle Method

Ideal for a charcoal grill setup, simply sprinkle a large handful of pellets on hot coals to get going. Close the lid to allow the pellets to smoke, not flame. Enjoy when your meat has reached the desired temperature.

For Charcoal, Gas and Electric Grilling, try the Pan Method

Fill a small baking pan approximately 1/3 full with your choice of BBQ wood pellets. Cover with foil and poke a few small holes in the middle of the foil. Place the pan on the heat source of your grill. Close the lid to allow the pellets to smoke – not flame. Enjoy when your meat has reached the desired temperature.

And the Foil Pouch Method

Fold a large handful of pellets in aluminum foil safe for grilling, and crimp the edges. Poke a few small holes in the foil pouch and place on or near the coals or heat source of the grill.

If you really want to commit to infusing wood pellet smoke into your grilling, you could also consider using some stainless steel attachments made for this purpose. There are a wide variety of pellet smoker tubes designed to produce smoke for up to 5 hours.

Are you ready to grill like a pro? Bear Mountain BBQ Wood pellets deliver the consistent quality you need to take your grill game to the next level.