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“The flavor of Bear Mountain pellets is so good… There are so many different kinds to try and they pair well with anything I’ve got cooking on the grill.”

The fall hunting season has arrived. For Pennsylvania sportswoman and Bear Mountain Ambassador Jennifer Danella, that means it’s time to get outdoors in search of changing colors, crisp air and wild game. This mighty and savvy 26-year-old hunts waterfowl, deer, pheasants and rabbits this time of year.

Born and raised in Valley Forge, outside of Philadelphia, Jennifer developed an interest in hunting as a teenager. When she was in high school, she would watch her dad and brother go out on hunting trips. She asked if she could join. Her dad agreed to take her if she trained and took a test to get her license. The first time they went out, they didn’t see a single animal. Still, she was hooked and quickly surpassed her dad and brother in the sport. 

“The three of us joke now because I’m the hunter of the family,” she says. “They kind of rely on me at this point.”

These days, Jennifer lives and works outside of Washington, Pennsylvania – a rural area where she can practically hunt wild game in her backyard. But she tends to venture past that, getting out at least once or twice a week, in between her time at work as a veterinary technician. She frequently travels around the Midwest and the east coast to hunt. She even went to Ontario, Canada once to hunt black bear.

“Black bear meat is surprisingly tasty,” she says.

Jennifer loves the act of hunting and getting outdoors with her pups. But she also has a deep appreciation for what comes after the hunting: preparing healthy and fresh meat.

“How else can you get such organic meat?” she says. “I love animals, but since I eat meat, I also want to know where that meat comes from.”

Jennifer grew up cooking with her mom. She jokes that she was always the kid who would come home after school, immediately asking what was for dinner. As she’s gotten older, she’s learned to perfect many wild game dishes. Her favorite creation is venison backstraps stuffed with cream cheese, peppers, onions and seasoning (recipe coming to Bear Mountain website soon). 

“You have to do your research and figure out how to cook wild game and add the needed ingredients to make it taste good,” she says. “It’s all about how it’s prepared.” Jennifer is currently working on a wild game cookbook she plans to publish in the next year.

Jennifer first got into social media influencer/ambassador work by accident four years ago. She was out hunting one day, sporting a sweatshirt from outdoor retailer Cabela’s. She posted a photo of herself in the sweatshirt and Cabela’s reposted it. Her follower count shot up significantly. That follower count continues to rise today as Jennifer partners with brands and companies she loves, posting about things she supports while also trying to be a positive female voice in her field.

“It’s about being a positive influence,” she says. “I especially try to be a role model for young girls. I’ve even had old friends reach out and tell me that my posts inspired them to try hunting and get outdoors. I love when that happens.” 

When she’s not out, Jennifer is grilling up some of her favorite dishes on her Rec-Tec Bullseye or her RT-700. She loves pellet grilling because it’s the perfect combination of smoking and grilling. To her, Bear Mountain pellets are the best option. 

“The flavor of Bear Mountain pellets is so good,” she says. “I also appreciate the diversity in flavors. There are so many different kinds to try and they pair well with anything I’ve got cooking on the grill.”

As the fall hunting season continues, make sure to follow Jennifer’s adventures on Instagram, from the field to the grill.