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Southern Poutine Fries

Southern Poutine Fries

Bear Mountain ambassador @BBQFriend shares a simple game day snack that is always a hit.

Prep Time: 20 minutes
Cook Time: 2 ½-3 hours 

Pimento Cheese Ingredients

-8oz Cream Cheese
-8oz Sharp Cheddar
-8oz Extra Sharp Cheddar 
-4oz Diced Jalapeños (drained)
-4oz Diced Pimento (drained)
-½ cup Mayonnaise
-Meat Church Holy Voodoo Seasoning or your favorite rub
-Meat Church Honey Bacon BBQ or your favorite sweeter rub 

Additional Ingredients

-1 Package thick cut bacon -Texas Pepper Jelly’s Berry Medley or your favorite pepper jelly
-French Fries
-Bear Mountain Alder BBQ pellets



1. Place the 8oz of cream cheese in a cast iron pan and coat with your favorite rub. 

2. Place your bacon on a wire rack and coat with a sweeter rub.

3. Heat up the pellet grill or smoker to 225F and pour in Bear Mountain Alder pellets. Alder is a great choice for this as it provides a light sweet flavor profile.

4. Place the cream cheese and bacon on the grill or smoker.

5. After two hours, start making the pimento cheese. Mix the smoked cream cheese, Sharp Cheddar, Extra Sharp Cheddar, Diced Jalapeños, diced pimentos, and ½ cup Mayonnaise together. Place this back in the cast iron and back on the grill or smoker for another 30 minutes to an hour.

6. Pull the pimento cheese and bacon off the grill or smoker and begin assembly. Chop up your bacon (after it cools for a little and crisps up). Place the fries down first, scoop on the smoked pimento cheese, add your favorite Pepper Jelly, and top with the chopped bacon.

7. Dig in and enjoy!

Southern Poutine Fries

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