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Smokey & Spicy 3-Bean-Bake

Smokey & Spicy 3-Bean-Bake

This recipe was a finalist for our Family Full of Flavor Contest! Here’s a note from the creator on why she originally made it:

My inspiration for this dish came from my childhood memories of cookouts.
Each summer, our whole family from all over the country would get together for
a reunion at this quaint little park situated just off the highway between
two small towns.

I came up with smoked side dish that everyone would love because those smells made me so happy when I was growing up. The smell of wood smoke and charcoal, as well as meat cooking, was intoxicating and made all of the sides such good companions.

It was important for me to serve a side that I knew would be a crowd pleaser. This easy to prepare smoked bean dish will go perfectly with your other smoked meat mains at a cook out. This side dish is certainly a notch above my childhood memories of baked beans … delicious back then, and even better now!



25 min

Cook time

2 h 10 min


Hickory chips

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