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Smoked Corned Beef and Brown Butter Cabbage

There's no need to wait until St Patricks Day to enjoy a delicious corned beef and cabbage.  This meal will make your Irish eyes smile all year long.

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time Corned Beef: 3.5 hours
Cook Time Cabbage: 15 minutes

Corned Beef

  • 1 corned beef brisket - point cut
  • 1 Tbls ground black pepper
  • 1 Tbls espresso or fine ground coffee
  • 1 cup stout Beer
  • 12 whole peppercorns

Brown Butter Cabbage

  • 1 head cabbage
  • 2 Tbls butter
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp fresh ground pepper
Corned Beef
  1. Turn on the grill and set the temp to 250°
  2. Trim the excess fat off the corned beef
  3. Combine the black pepper and coffee and evenly coated the corned beef on all sides
  4. Place the corned beef on the grill and smoke for 2 hours
  5. Take the corned beef off the grill, place the corned beef, beer, and peppercorns into an InstantPot® or pressure cooker and cook for 45 mins.  
  6. When ready, let the pressure cooker naturally release
  7. Slice and serve

Brown Butter Cabbage

  1. Clean the cabbage and remove the outer leaves
  2. Cut the cabbage in 1/2 and remove the core
  3. Chope the cabbage into 1/2" thick slices
  4. In a large skillet, brown the butter over medium heat.  When the butter has a nutty aroma, it's ready to go.
  5. Add the cabbage, salt, and pepper and cook down, stirring occasionally, for 10-15 minutes.

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