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At Bear Mountain BBQ, we own our wood pellet plants throughout the United States.  Unlike other wood pellet grill manufacturers and pellet brands that contract out their pellet manufacturing, we have complete control over the quality of everything that goes into making them, from the source of our wood to the specs of our pellet mills and dies.  This ensures a consistently high quality BBQ wood pellet, every time you cook on them.

Before the wood ever arrives at the plant, we work hard to build strong relationships with our suppliers and choose the only highest quality raw materials to make our pellets. Not all wood is created equal, so it's important to bring in clean, fresh wood residues from suppliers we trust. When wood chips and sawdust arrive at the plant, we ensure that the wood is clean and free debris. This ensures that the pellets will burn smoothly and consistently in your grill and produce very little ash. The sawdust then runs through the pellet forming process where we focus on crafting a the perfect particle size, pellet length and diameter that's designed to operate well in any brand of pellet grill.  The moisture content in the pellets is reduced down to optimal smoking moisture of 5% which produces optimal heat and creates a nice thin blue smoke to flavor all of your favorite foods.

So this is how we do it, it's pretty simple, and a labor of love for the best BBQ. There's some finer details to the process, but leave those to the craftsmen at Bear Mountain BBQ and we'll keep making the best BBQ wood pellets for you to enjoy.