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Smokehouse Classic Barbecue BBQ Pellets
Smokehouse Classic Barbecue BBQ Pellets
Smokehouse Classic Barbecue BBQ Pellets
Smokehouse Classic Barbecue BBQ Pellets

Smokehouse Classic Barbecue BBQ Pellets

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A perennial favorite of elite BBQ cookers from Missouri to Texas and all through the South, Hickory and Oak are famous as the original smoking woods for smoking pulled pork, hams, bacon, ribs and everything else. If you want classic smoke flavor that’s been tried and true over the ages, stick with this premium combination of 50% Hickory and 50% Oak and you’ll be smoking like a pro. Our Classic Barbecue Pellets are made with add a rich, smoky flavor and an added blend of neutral, balancing smoke. Start smoking like a pro and add that 'bacon-like' taste to your next backyard barbecue. Available in 40 lb bags.

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The perfect blend of 100% premium, all-natural hardwoods – no flavorings, fillers, or additives

Low moisture for the perfect smoke

Use with all outdoor pellet, gas, charcoal or electric grills and smokers. Works well with all major brands of grills, including Traeger®, Pit Boss®, Louisiana Grills™, and Green Mountain Grills. Learn More

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Can I use Bear Mountain BBQ Pellets in my Traeger® grill?

Yes, although some grill manufacturers recommend using only their branded pellets, our BBQ pellets are compatible with all pellet grill brands and models.

Traeger® is a registered trademark of Traeger Pellet Grills, LLC

What is used to flavor the wood?

Mother Nature. Our Bear Mountain BBQ Wood flavors are created from 100% all-natural hardwood. 

Where does the wood come from?

Our 100% sustainable BBQ wood pellets are made from pressed sawdust that's locally sourced by our pellet mills across the United States.  We hand select only the highest quality hardwoods to naturally produce a range of BBQ grilling and smoking woods that exceed industry standards.

Do you use any base woods in your pellets?

Yes, we use either Alder or Oak as a base wood depending on the region of the country where the specific wood species are native.   These base woods create a more consistent burn and smoking experience.

Are any of the Bear Mountain BBQ pellets 100% of a single wood species?

Yes, Oak and Alder BBQ pellets are 100% single species.