Do purchases before the start of the BBQ Bucks Program count?
A: No, we implemented the BBQ Bucks Program on April 1st 2023, any transactions before April 1st will not count towards BBQ Bucks.

Q: Do I need to sign up for BBQ Bucks separately from my Bear Mountain account?

A: No, your BBQ Bucks account is the same thing as your Bear Mountain account.

Q: What if I purchased something from Bear Mountain as a guest - will I still receive BBQ Bucks?

A: Yes, as long as you later sign up for a Bear Mountain account using the same email, your previous transaction's points will still appear.

Q: When will the points hit my account?
A: Points will be recognized usually about a day after the relevant purchase has been shipped (not ordered). We usually ship the same day or next day (if a weekday, the Monday if it's a weekend), unless there has been unusually heavy volume.